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Ultimate Retention Collection

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Achieve the ultimate retention with these three lash artist must-haves!

Choose between our Crystalline or Onyx adhesive, combined with our Instant Bond Elixir and Super Bonder, to experience a magnetic-like bond that's truly unbeatable. These products work together like a powerful force, instantly bonding your flawless lash fans.

For extended lash retention, don't forget to use Jeanie in the Bottle - our remarkable Super Bonder. Apply it after your lash service to stretch out the lifespan of your lash extensions.

Choose this winning combination of Crystalline or Onyx, Instant Bond Elixir, and Super Bonder to achieve the ultimate retention and take your lash artistry to new heights.

Additionally, our brand is AICIS (Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme) registered, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and providing peace of mind to professionals and clients alike.

Key Info

What’s Included:

  • Instant bond elixir – Accelerator
  • Your choice of Crystalline Clear Adhesive OR Onyx Black Adhesive
  • Jeanie in the Bottle - Super Bonder

Detailed information on our Crystalline adhesive, Onyx Black Adhesive, Super Bonder and Accelerator can be found on the individual product listings. 

Our brand is AICIS registered


Crystalline Clear Adhesive

  • Unopened: 6 months
  • Opened: 4 weeks

Onyx Black Adhesive

  • Unopened: 6 months
  • Opened: 4 weeks

Jeanie in the Bottle - Super Bonder

  • Unopened: 24 months
  • Opened: 12 months

Instant Bond Elixir - Accelerator 

  • Unopened: 24 months
  • Opened: 12 Months

All items are best stored in an air-tight container away from direct sunlight and heat


    Pickup available at Docklands

    Usually ready in 24 hours

    Ultimate Retention Collection With Crystalline

    Ultimate Retention Collection

    Crystalline Clear Adhesive


    Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

    915 Collins Street
    Docklands VIC 3008


    Ultimate Retention Collection With Crystalline
    Ultimate Retention Collection Sale price$159.99 Regular price$163.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Kayla D.
    The BEST there is!

    When I started doing lashes I had tried glue after glue trying to find the perfect one. After many different products I finally landed on this bundle and I seriously have not gone back since!! I have clients who tell me they have over a month retention and it’s all thanks to these products. The glue itself is already amazing but with the accelerator and bonder, my sets have lasted so much longer. Could not recommend this enough!

    Rebecca N.
    Best retention combo you'll ever need.

    Jean was kind enough to send me a free bottle of glue and accelerator for myself to try although I had only bought 1 tweezer. I never thought I would switch up my glue supplier that I've been using for months, I was skeptical to use as it is a clear glue.

    As soon as I've tried her glue, it took me a whole minute to just grasp what I just tried. Her glue bonds down like magic along with the accelerator that was sent to me. I got no stickies from this set, because it bonded as soon as it came into contact with the natural lash. It dries down instantly and it helped me finish my set 30 minutes faster than my regular glue would. With this glue being clear, it also made my set look super clean. This glue has no fumes like every other black glues, my usual glue usually gives me the biggest headache and sinus issues because the fume is so strong. Jeans glue had no strong fumes and the consistency is so thin that it made the set look neat and clean with no thick glue buildup at the bases.

    I highly recommend trying this combo out, as I said, I was so skeptical but I don't think I could look back after trying this, I knew I had to leave a review and thanks to her kind gestures with sending me a free bottle of glue that now this is all I will use.

    Worth the rave!

    I’ve always been about less is more, however- After trying these products I can honestly say they are a NEED for every lash tech. They work like magic.

    They came beautifully packaged, with instructions on how to get the best out of the products.

    10/10 recommend!

    Jorgia W.

    These 3 used collectively & correctly are a retention game changer. Took my retention from 3/4 - 5/8 weeks.
    The instant bond is amazing and when I tell you the extensions do not budge
    !! THEY DO NOT MOVE !!
    I also love the fact that now my clients can go to the gym straight after their lash appointment and not have to worry about getting sweat or water on their lashes with the “Jeanie in a bottle” super bonder. 10/10 will be purchasing these products again!

    The trio you need in your life

    These 3 products are a amazing! Follow the instructions and you will see! I also love it's high humidity glue because it's so much easier to make a room humid than to remove the humidity. Using all 3 together ensures your fans are perfect and don't collapse, your lashes attach and wrap beautifully with minimal glue and they stay on, oh boy do they stay on! Good products are super important and make a world of difference.