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Super Bonder - Jeanie In The Bottle

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Unlock the secret to maximizing your clients' lash retention with our extraordinary super bonder. Our goal is to create lash bonds that are not only strong but also flexible, ensuring they withstand everyday activities without breaking or falling off, resulting in superior retention.

How do we achieve such impressive results? By utilizing our advanced instant curing process, we eliminate the need for shock-curing. This unique method effectively locks in adhesive fumes, reducing irritation and sensitivity while providing a safe and comfortable lash experience.

Additionally, our brand is AICIS (Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme) registered, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and providing peace of mind to professionals and clients alike.

Key Info

  • Size: 15ml 
  • Reduces irritation and sensitivity
  • Maximise lash retention 
  • Bonding the adhesive – WITHOUT shock curing
  • Compatible with any lash adhesive
  • A 15ml bottle will last you for 150 – 200 clients!
  • Works in any temperature and humidity 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Used with both individual lashes and Pre-made Volume fans
  • Wet lashes after 3 minutes of applying super bonder
  • AICIS registered

How to Use

  1. Dry lashes approximately 3 minutes after application
  2. Apply 1 drop of our Super Bonder solution onto the microfibre brush
  3. Carefully apply the solution at the bases of the adhesive bonding area
  4. Allow the solution to dry for 2-3 minutes


  • Unopened: 24 months
  • Opened: 12 Months

Store separate from lash adhesives and away from sunlight.




Pickup available at Docklands

Usually ready in 24 hours

Super Bonder - Jeanie In The Bottle

Super Bonder - Jeanie In The Bottle

15 ML


Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

915 Collins Street
Docklands VIC 3008


Super Bonder - Jeanie In The Bottle
Super Bonder - Jeanie In The Bottle Sale price$48.99 Regular price$65.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Best super binder ever!! My retention had increased and clients love being able to wet their lashes sooner than 24 hrs

Angelica K.

Super Bonder - Jeanie In The Bottle

Tanya B.

This product is a staple in my kit! Since adding this product into my kit, my clients come back with fuller lashes than ever! I am so pleased with the results

Jody R.

Simply the best. The team at ICONIC have truly come up with a quality product. The packaging is amazing and cute and the product just works! I highly recommend!


This is a game changer! The best bonder I've tried it's given me at least an extra week of retention & it also takes away the "crispy" glue feeling and makes the lashes super flexible. So glad I found this