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Based on 147 reviews
Quality Products

All of Jeans products are high quality and the service is outstanding. I highly recommend her products to new and artists who have been in the industry.

Perfect for picking up fans! I finished my lash set faster because of these!

Amazing tweezers

Iconic Tweezers are so light, pointy and sweet to work with! They are all game changers 👌

Perfect for pro & beginners

This tweezer is super lightweight, you can work with them for hours without feeling any strain on your hands or wrists. It’s also comfortable to hold! The grip is spot on gives you a lot of control when you're picking up lashes.

Shipping was super fast!

If you're looking for reliable lash isolation tweezers, I highly recommend these. They have a great grip and the precision is on point, making lash application super easy. They feel sturdy and comfortable to hold, they don’t make my hand tired while using them!


these are by far the best tweezers ive ever used. best grip and the cutest colours!! shipping was fast too, 100% reccomend

Best Tweezer ever

Loving all products from ICONIC! ❤️👌

Super high quality and gorgeous!

I received the Bonita tweezer with infinite-grip in Sand and fell in love instantly. The coating has a matte look and feel so it won't slip off your fingers. As with all Iconic tweezers, the grip is always unmatched and consistent.

Best tweezers ever

Amazing quality tweezers and perfect quality lashes. Can’t recommend more, LOVE IT 🥰

Best super binder ever!! My retention had increased and clients love being able to wet their lashes sooner than 24 hrs

Great product!

Vey happy with how the glue works on my clients

I love using these lashes, they’re so full and fluffy! My clients absolutely love them too

Absolutely love these lashes because they’re so full and fluffy! My clients love them too. Would definitely recommend


Amazing quality lashes. As a beginner I have been trialing many different brands of lashes recently and these are by far the most consistent and easy to make Russian volume fans!! Jean has really perfected these. Highly recommend

The best Promade fans around

These Promades are absolutely stunning! They attach like a boss and are so nice to work with! The overall result were just like a handmade set 😍

Literally these are a totally game changer

Omg these tweezers are EVERYTHING!! I never used to be able to pinch a fan and now I can these make it so much easier and I am totally shocked!! I even taught my 10 year old daughter to pinch a fan, that’s how easy these tweezers make it 😍

The best

This duo is the best! Always finishing off my sets with the bonder and the accelerator for those low humidity days.

My bestie

My new bestie 😍 these tweezers are my new everyday go to. They have a such a good grip and wide sweet spot these make lashing days so much easier, definitely need to add to your family if you haven’t already

The best L curl range

Literally THE BEST L curl lashes I have used. They fan like butter and the end result of the fox eye is always so stunning. Highly recommend if you don’t have these on your menu you are sure missing out!!

Best lash glue

Love love love! My all time fav glue, couldn’t recommend more!


My go to eye pads. Always a need!

Love the quality

Love the quality of the lashes 💗 fans as smooth as a butter

the best isolation tweezer I’ve used ever !!!


I honestly love this tweezer! I’ve tried sooo many brands and when I tried this - GAME CHANGER! Currently stocking this for my lash course training 😍

you cannot find better tweezers on the market!

I’ve trialed so many glues starting out & found my holy grail ✨